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201804 Bali


another yearly event for us, we will revisit beautiful Bali for landscape photography. We will concentrate on sunrise, sunset, slowshutter and Milky way photography technique and shooting (on field) 每年的事件,我们将重温美丽的巴厘岛风光摄影。我们将专注于日出,日落,慢速摄影和银河拍摄 的技巧。 Meeting time : we will try to arrange same flight if possible [flight ticket only purchase after confirm ... Read More
December 9, 2017Liewwk
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we will having another Landscape Photohunter tour for this amazing "avatar" place .. we will staying inside the park for chasing, stars, sunrise, sunset, capture the rays ..   *** Date 2018 Jun *** participants : any level , but some walking is require for some spots but we also can have option stay ... Read More
July 18, 2017Liewwk


  We will repeat the previous summer route for Autumn ... 6 to start and 10 Max   Photohunter : 23 Jun – 4 Jul – 2017 CHINA Sichuan Outing | 贡嘎-塔公-四姑娘山 We will be again going Sichuan, CHINA ... Read More
July 12, 2017Liewwk